Pachanabba Clutch - Grey


Product Details

  • Greyscale with flair
  • Leather clutch featuring one-of-a-kind Mola fabric and Embera beading detail
  • Fabric interior with zippered pocket 
  • Removable chain strap with leather shoulder rest 
  • Dimensions: 11" width x 5 1/2" height x 2" depth
  • The Molas featured on this piece are one-of-a-kind textiles made by the Guadule tribe, handmade by sewing together layers of fabric with near invisible stitches.
  • Beading by the Embera, the third largest indigenous group in Columbia, is renowned for its precision and beauty and is deeply rooted in their connection to Pachamama, or Mother Earth.
  • Handmade in Colombia

Designer Notes

Moved by a strong social purpose, this collection incorporates the traditional tribal patterns of its artisans – homeless, indigenous women in Medellin, Colombia. Expertly crafted, each piece is handmade and furthers the brand’s mission of advancing women’s rights and fair trade practices.

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